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This page is the starting point for all the roads and highways information you'll find on this site. Enjoy your trip!

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Sign Photo Pages
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These pages contain -- what else? -- road sign photos. They are graphic-intensive, so please give them time to load.

Photos from Before the Millennium
These photos were taken in 2000 and were the first digital photos I took, as they were taken with an old Sony Mavica camera that saved images to floppy disks. Photos, numbering 999, are from Kentucky and surrounding states and include the first overnight road trip I took, to West Virginia and Virginia to check out the routing of the then-proposed Corridor H. They are hosted on Flickr.
Photos from After the Millennium
These are some long-thought-lost photos, most from 2001 but some from 2002 and 2003, that are mostly from Kentucky. There are a handful from adjacent states. A total of 484 photos are in this collection. These pics are also hosted on Flickr.
Missouri-Arkansas Road Trip -- June 28-29, 2001
The original photos from this trip were recently discovered after having been long thought lost. This trip involved going west through southern Missouri on US 60; south into Arkansas on US 71; then east through northern Arkansas on US 62. This set contains 245 photos. The photos are hosted on Flickr.
Negative Scans from late 1990s
These are some scans of negatives from photos taken in the late 1990s before I bought a digital camera. There are some older signs, some sign goofs, and various other older pics that some may find to be of interest. These pics are hosted on Flickr.
New Signs in Kentucky
Here you will find signage newly installed in Kentucky in late 2006 and in 2007. This page focuses on the use of the Clearview font in new guide sign installations, and the new style of signage used for Kentucky's parkways, which are the former toll roads within the Commonwealth.
The Michael Summa Collection
Before digital cameras, before the Internet, before the proliferation of desktop computers and flatbed scanners, there was Michael Summa. We are proud and fortunate to have acquired a large number of scans from his collection, most of of which were taken more than a decade ago, and to be able to display them here.
Road Sign Goofs Picture Page
This page contains photos of mistakes on road signs. Mistakes may include misspellings or typographical errors, or incorrect route number types (US routes signed as state routes, and vice versa).
Old Road Signs Picture Page
On this page, you'll find photos of old road signs and sign styles that are not in common use anymore. Examples include cutout US route shields and nonreflective signs.
Interesting Road Signs Picture Page
Here, you'll find signs that I felt were interesting for one reason or another. You'll just have to take a look at them and see if you agree that they're interesting, or not!
Signs & Sights
Here you'll find a hodgepodge of photos of road signs and sights along the highways of several states.
Highway Information Pages

If you're looking for information pages dealing with certain roads and highways, this is the right place.

Toll No More
On June 1, 2003, tolls were removed from the Cumberland and Daniel Boone Parkways in southern Kentucky. Demolition of the toll plazas began after a ceremony on June 9, at which the Daniel Boone Parkway was renamed for U.S. Rep. Harold 'Hal" Rogers (R-Somerset), who secured federal funding to pay off the bonds on these two toll roads ahead of schedule. These pages depict the toll plazas after the tolls were removed, but before they were demolished.

West Virginia Highways Page

This is the home of my unofficial West Virginia Highways page. Included is a route log of West Virginia interstate, US and state routes; information on the West Virginia highway system; a few photos, and some links to official West Virginia highway information sources. These pages are being revamped to provide more information and even some photos. If you have additional information or corrections, please E-mail me.
Guide to Kentucky's Interstates and Parkways
Here is my version of the popular exit lists, done Bluegrass-style. This portion of the Web site is still under construction, but here you'll find a list of exits for Kentucky's nine interstates and nine parkways. Included are exit numbers, intersecting route numbers and/or names, destinations shown on the exit signs, and other destinations not listed that are reached from the exits. Again, if you can add information to these guides, please E-mail me.

Here are some road-related pages which don't really fit the above categories. All are graphic-intensive, so please give them time to load.

New I-26 Virtual Tour
Take a tour of the new Interstate 26 in Tennessee and North Carolina, officially opened to traffic in August 2003
Lincoln Heritage Trail
This page contains scans of a tourism brochure promoting the Lincoln Heritage Trail in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.
Covered Bridges in Kentucky
Here you'll find photos and brief descriptions of some of Kentucky's covered bridges, along with accompanying historical markers if applicable. This page is very image-intensive, so it will be slow to load.
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