Signs &Sights from Spencer County, Ind.

This photo, on dry land at the approach to the Ohio River bridge on US 231 southbound, shows the Kentucky state line is on dry land, north of the river. The seat belt and "Speed Zone Ahead" signs are of Kentucky origin. Below, the bridge as seen from southbound US 231.

Northbound US 231 at the intersection of IN 45 north of the Ohio River.

Intersection of US 231 and IN 66, north of the Ohio River and west of Rockport.

Northbound US 231 (and eastbound IN 66) at IN 45 in Rockport.

Reassurance marker for US 231/IN 66 in Rockport.

City limits sign for Dale on northbound US 231.

Northbound US 231 at IN 62 and IN 68 in Dale.

Exit signage for US 231 on eastbound I-64.

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