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As the calendar changed fromMay 31 to June 1, two toll roads across southern Kentucky becametoll-freehighways. Tolls wereremoved on the LouieB. Nunn Cumberland Parkwayand the DanielBoone Parkway. Thiscame about when U.S. Rep. Harold "Hal" Rogers (R-Somerset)successfullyintroduced legislation in Congress,making an appropriation to pay off the bonds on these two toll roadsahead of schedule. Both these roads slice through the heart ofRogers' district.

Ata ceremony held on Monday, June 9at the London toll plaza, Rogers climbed aboard a bulldozer andknocked down one of the booths. During the ceremony, KentuckyTransportation Cabinet officials announced that the Daniel BooneParkway was being renamed the Hal Rogers Parkway. A sign was unveiledand state officials said the remainder of the Daniel Boone Parkwaysigns along the route would be changed within 60 to 90days.

The removal of the tollsleaves only two toll roads in Kentucky -- the William H. NatcherParkway, connecting Bowling Green to Owensboro, and the AudubonParkway, connecting Owensboro to Henderson.

Kentucky originally had 10toll roads. As the bonds were paid off, all of them except theremaining two toll roads. They were:

All of Kentucky's toll roadsare four-lane roads except for the easternmost 32 miles of theMountain Parkway and the Daniel Boone Parkway. These two roads arelimited-access two-lane routes, called "Super-2's" in thevernacular.

On Saturday, June 7, 2003,two days before the ceremony at London, I checked out some of the oldtollbooths on the Cumberland and Daniel Boone Parkways.

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