New Signs in Kentucky

This page shows a number of new style signs that have been installed in Kentucky in late 2006 and early 2007. Most prevalent is the use of Clearview font on new installations of guide signs, and the new style of signage for Kentucky's parkways (the former toll roads). To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages as a slide show.

As part of the new construction on I-64 near Winchester and the reconstruction of Exit 94, new signs were installed. These new signs use the Clearview font. This photo shows the new overhead sign with Clearview and the old sign it replaced with the standard FHWA font.
Another comparison of the old font and the new Clearview font.
Closeup view of a new Clearview sign.
This sign was erected in error. The exit lane has not started yet and the yellow "exit only" panel has since been removed.
This sign at the end of the ramp at Exit 94 uses Clearview for everything except the route marker numbers.
Clearview-style numbers on this I-64 sign installed near Winchester. (Some have said this is not actually Clearview, but it looks different than the traditional font.)
This overhead message sign is located on I-64 eastbound in Woodford County, between Frankfort and Midway.
Closeup view of the overhead electronic message sign.
New Martha Layne Collins Bluegrass Parkway sign on US 60 eastbound in Frankfort.
New Bluegrass Parkway sign at the split of US 60, US 62 and Business US 60 in Versailles.
This guide sign on US 60 eastbound near Versailles originally had the old-style BG Parkway sign that had the blue and white colors reversed. It was replaced with the sign using the name of Gov. Martha Layne Collins but has not been updated with the new "Kentucky Unbridled Spirit" sign.
Overhead at the entrance to the BG Parkway with the Martha Layne Collins sign. The original BG Parkway sign on this overhead had the colors correct.
New Mountain Parkway sign on US 60 east at KY 1958 in Winchester.
New Mountain Parkway sign on US 60 west in Winchester.
Signage at the intersection of US 60 and KY 1958 in Winchester.
New Clearview overheads at the reconfigured interchange of KY 1958 and I-64 with the new Mountain Parkway sign visible at right.
Overheads on KY 1958 at I-64. the route numbers are not Clearview.
Closeup of Clearview overhead at ramp from KY 1958 south to I-64 west.
New Mountain Parkway signage on KY 15 in Campton.
More new Mountain Parkway signage in Campton.
New Mountain Parkway sign on KY 11/15 in Clay City.
Blurry shot of new Mountain Parkway sign on northbound KY 15 at Exit 16 near Clay City.
New Mountain Parkway sign at intersection of KY 15 and KY 18 at Exit 16 near Clay City. This is the last remaining "West" directional plate for KY 82. All other signage on this seven-mile route is "north" or "south."
New curve sign on KY 82 south in Estill County with the advisory speed on the sign itself, not on a separate plate.
New solar-powered LED sign (the LEDs are embedded in the black border) on KY 82 northbound in Estill County.
New Mountain Parkway signage at the northern end of KY 82 near Clay City.
New Hal Rogers Parkway signage on US 25 southbound in London.
The Hal Rogers Parkway sign on this overhead on I-75 north near London has been replaced with the new "Unbridled Spirit" version.
Overhead on I-75 north with the new Hal Rogers Parkway signage.
Overheads at the ramp from I-75 north to KY 80 with the new Hal Rogers Parkway sign.
New Hal Rogers Parkway sign at the end of the ramp from I-75 north to KY 80.
New Hal Rogers Parkway sign and US 25 sign on KY 80 eastbound at London.
New Hal Rogers Parkway sign with US 25 and KY 80 signage at London.
New Hal Rogers Parkway sign with KY 30 and US 25 signage at London.
The Hal Rogers Parkway sign on this guide sign has been updated with the new "Unbridled Spirit" logo sign.
This Detour I-75 sign with the state name is not a contractor's temporary sign. It's permanent signage installed by the state, using a font for the route numbers commonly used in the 1970s.
This sign also uses the retro-font.
This sign on northbound I-75 in Fayette County sports the new "Unbridled Spirit" Bluegrass Parkway sign.
This sign with the new BG Parkway marker had been updated the day this photo was taken.
Another new installation. This is the third Bluegrass Parkway sign to grace this overhead. When this overhead was installed as part of a sign replacement project around 2002, it sported the original "BG Parkway" sign. Later, the sign was replaced with the new sign when the route was named for former Gov. Martha Layne Collins. Now it has the "unbridled spirit" logo marker being used for all Kentucky parkways.
Yet another installation of the new logo sign.
This is eastbound on I-64 near Winchester, where the old Mountain Parkway sign was replaced. Look closely and you can see a dark circular spot at the top of the blue-and-white sign where the old "Bert T. Combs" banner was previously installed.
That dark spot is more visible in this photo.
The overhead at the beginning of the Mountain Parkway now sports the new "Unbridled Spirit" logo sign.
This sign greets motorists as they enter the Mountain Parkway. The green plate at the bottom of the sign covers the text "TOLL ROAD" that dates back to when the highway was tolled.
Westbound on I-64, there is no direct connection to the Mountain Parkway. Travelers wishing to make that connection must loop around at Exit 96A, KY 627 (formerly US 227) and re-enter I-64 going east for about a mile before getting on the Mountain Parkway. The dirty part where the old marker was installed can be seen in this photo.
This new sign on north I-75/west I-64 approaching the split in Lexington uses Clearview. Previously this sign was only for the Kentucky Horse Park.
On KY 52 west of Beattyville, a trailblazer for KY 11 has been installed. There is a low clearance on KY 52 as you enter Beattyville and the five miles of KY 52 between here and Beattyville are curvy and hilly. Most drivers now use KY 498 for 2.5 miles over to KY 11, which has been reconstructed and is a much better road.
This is the new Hal Rogers Parkway signage, at the end of new KY 30 in London.
The rightmost US 27 sign is representative of a new style of shield shape that has been appearing in Kentucky the last couple of years.
New Cumberland Parkway sign. This is located on KY 80 eastbound just outside of Somerset.
Another new Cumberland Parkway sign.
Cumberland Parkway signage at the end of the short connector route between the parkway and KY 80 west of Somerset.
On the Cumberland Parkway.
Closeup view of the new Cumberland Parkway sign.
New Cumberland Parkway signage on US 27 southbound in Somerset.
More new Cumberland Parkway signage on US 27 in Somerset.
The use of the larger initial letter in directional signage is slowly coming to state-installed signage in Kentucky. This is on KY 587 near the road's northern terminus at KY 11 in Lee County.
This example is on KY 30 near Annville in Jackson County.
This one's a "twofer." You get both a new-style Kentucky Hal Rogers Parkway sign and a larger initial letter on a directional sign. This assembly is located on KY 15 at Lost Creek in Breathitt County.

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