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As of October 1997, there areonly 12 covered bridges remaining in Kentucky. Most of those are inthe northeastern corner of the state. Two of the remaining coveredbridges are in danger. In fact, one of them, the Switzer (pronouncedSwight-zer) Bridge in Franklin County was knocked off itsfoundation and washed downstream by a flash flood along Elkhorn Creekin the spring of 1997. It is in the process of being restored.Another bridge, the Colville Bridge in Bourbon County, was alsodamaged during that flood and has been closed to traffic.

In September 1997, I visitedseveral of Kentucky's remaining covered bridges. Here are photos andnarratives relating to these bridges.

This bridge is located along KY 111 in Fleming County, betweenOwingsville and Flemingsburg. Known as the Grange City Bridge orHillsboro bridge, it is closed to vehicular traffic.

This is the historical marker located at the Grange City (Hillsboro)Bridge.

This bridge is located on KY 158 at Ringos Mill in Fleming County. Itis closed to vehicular traffic. It is located between KY 111 and KY32.

This is the historical marker located at the Ringos Millbridge.

This bridge is one of the best-known in Kentucky. It's the GoddardBridge, made famous by the picturesque view of a church through thebridge portal. It is located just off KY 32 in Fleming County,between Morehead and Flemingsburg, and is still open totraffic.

This is the historical marker located at the Goddardbridge.

This covered bridge is in Robertston County, off KY 1029. It is knownas the Johnson Creek bridge, and is closed to traffic. There is nohistorical marker at this bridge. It can be reached via KY 165 or KY2505 off US 68, or by taking KY 1029 from US 62. This bridge is a bitoff the roadway, and thus is subject to vandalism.

A view of the inside of the Johnson Creek bridge. You can see thespray-painted graffiti, along with missing side boards. The boardsappear to have been kicked out of the side of the bridge, becausethey can be seen below the bridge in the creekbed.

This bridge is located in Bracken County, at the intersection of KY 9(the AA Highway) and KY 1159. It is known as the Walcott Bridge andis closed to traffic.

This bridge is located at Dover, in Mason County, along KY 8 betweenMaysville and Augusta. It is still open to traffic.

This historical marker along KY 8 marks the Dover bridge. Sorry forthe hard-to-read picture, but the marker is faded and needsrestoration.

When I get the chance, I hope to visit the rest of Kentucky's coveredbridges and put photos of them on this page.

(Links to other Kentucky covered bridge sites are under construction)

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