Signs and Sights from Tucker County, W. Va.

Northbound on US 219, south of Parsons, you pass the Kingsford Manufacturing Company. I'm told this is where Kingsford Charcoal is made.

Signage on northbound US 219 (and southbound on WV 72) approaching the split of the two routes north of Parsons.

Sign on north US 219 at the edge of Thomas.

Signage on north US 219 at WV 32 at Thomas.

Signage on south US 219 at Thomas and WV 32.

Mileage sign on US 219 southbound, just south of WV 90. The sign is significant because it bears my last name and my wife's maiden name.

End signage for WV 32 at US 219 at Thomas. This sign really was leaning as badly as shown.

Intersection of north US 219 and WV 90, north of Thomas.

Signage on southbound WV 90 at US 219. The West Virginia DOT must have been insistent upon letting travelers know that WV 90 ends here, since two "END" signs are posted.

Left, the intersection of southbound WV 32 and WV 93, between Thomas and Davis. Right, end signage on westbound WV 93 approaching the junction.

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