Signs and Sights from Randolph County, W. Va.

Signage at the Randolph County line on eastbound US 33.

Signage along eastbound US 33 west of Elkins. County route 151 is the old alignment of US 33. Standalone signage for West Virginia county routes is rare.

These signs along eastbound US 33 are found at Norton, west of Elkins, where US 250 and WV 92 join the route.

This was the scene in late June 2000, where the four-lane portion of US 33 (and US 250 and WV 92), comprising the finished portion of Corridor H, ended. Since this photo was taken, the road seen as under construction in the background has been opened to US 219 north of Elkins. Note that US 250 is missing from the overhead guide sign.

In June 1983, when I was in college, our family took a vacation to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway. We made our way from Kentucky through Elkins, W. Va., to Harrisonburg, Va., where we stayed overnight and then hit the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway the next day. When we passed through Elkins, I had a picture taken of me next to the sign on eastbound US 33 of the town bearing my surname. Back then, the sign was supported by two poles and I stood beneath the sign when my brother took the photo. My next visit to the town was in June 2000. Below, several dozen pounds heavier, you'll see me standing by the sign as it existed that day. At right is a closeup of the sign.

Overhead signage on eastbound US 33 at the intersection of US 33, US 219, US 250 and WV 92 near the center of downtown Elkins. Notice the absence of WV 92 signs on the center sign.

Signage in downtown Elkins. My Old Signs page has a shot of the signage on the opposite side of the road, designating the "west-north" multiplex of these four routes.

Signage at the split of eastbound US 33, southbound US 219/250 (and WV 92) and the intersection of WV 55 on the southeast side of Elkins.

Signage as you head out of Elkins on east US 33/WV 55.

Approaching Elkins from the east on westbound US 33/WV 55 (the fat guy standing under the sign on the left is me.) In the distance you can see the 33/55 intersection with US 219, US 250 and WV 92.

Signage on westbound US 33/WV 55, approaching US 219/250/WV 92 at Elkins. Photos of another sign assembly at this intersection are on my Old Signs page.

Signage on northbound US 219/250/WV 92 and eastbound WV 55 approaching US 33 at Elkins. Notice the absence of WV 92 signage.

Overhead signage on west US 33/north US 219/250/WV 92 in Elkins. This signage is for the same intersection as in this photo.

North US 219 trailblazer sign north of Elkins, on the future alignment of Corridor H.

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