Signs and Sights from Raleigh County, W. Va.

Signage for the end of WV 97 on the WV 97-WV 16 multiplex just southwest of the West Virginia Turnpike interchange near Beckley. WV 97 has its western beginning at US 52 in Wyoming County. It runs through Pineville to Maben, where it is multiplexed with WV 54 to WV 16 near Sophia. WV 54 used to be multiplexed with WV 16 from that intersection to the WV Turnpike, but the signage along the WV 16 multiplex was changed from WV 54 to WV 97 in order to provide a continuously numbered single route (WV 97) from the turnpike to Twin Falls State Park

Signage on northbound WV 16 (and eastbound WV 97) for the intersection with the West Virginia turnpike.

Overhead signage at the split of I-64 and I-77 on the West Virginia Turnpike. I'm told that these signs are backlit and are quite eerie-lookingat night. The destination cities ("control cities") at this intersection have traditionally been Lewisburg for I-64 and Princeton and Bluefield for I-77, but these are not large towns by any means and probably are not the destinations which thru travelers have in mind when they're using these two interstates. The next large cities along the routes are Richmond, Va., for I-64 and Charlotte, N.C., for I-77. When the backlit signs were installed, these two destinations were added to the signage.

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