Signs and Sights from Mingo County, W. Va.

Signage on north US 52 where WV 65 joins the route, south of Delbarton.

Advance signage of the US 52-WV 80 split at Gilbert.

Truck warning sign on north US 52 south of Delbarton, approaching the US 52-WV 65 split. This is to keep trucks off the narrow streets US 52 occupies through Williamson.

Split of north US 52 and WV 65 at Naugatuck, southeast of Williamson.

Signage on north US 52 at WV 49, just south of Williamson.

North US 52 where it joins US 119 at Williamson, at the north end of the US 119 bridge across the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River at the Kentucky state line.

Signage on northbound US 52/119, just after the road comes back into West Virginia after crossing briefly into Kentucky. US 119 is Appalachian Corridor G and US 119 shares part of its route north of Williamson.

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