Signs and Sights from Mercer County, W. Va.

Signage on north US 19 at US 460 east of Bluefield.

Signage on north WV 598 at US 460 in Bluefield. WV/VA 598 carries the old route of US 19 and US 21 across East River Mountain at the state line. These signs are Type III reflective, which is rarely used in West Virginia.

Coal Heritage Trail sign on north US 52 north of Bluefield. The Coal Heritage Trail, a West Virginia Byway, follows US 52 and WV 16 from Bluefield to Beckley.

East River Mountain sign on WV 598 near the Virginia state line. Virginia also has an East River Mountain elevation sign on its side of the state line, with the elevation reading a few feet higher than West Virginia's measurement.

Signage on south US 52 at the I-77 interchange. US 52 is multiplexed with I-77 south through the East River Mountain tunnel into Virginia.

Signage on south I-77 at the US 460 exit .

This sign at Exit 9 on I-77 south marks the end of the West Virginia Turnpike.

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