Signs and Sights from McDowell County, W. Va.

Alt. US 52 and WV 16 signage outside Welch. Alt. 52 follows the old, narrow US 52 route through downtown Welch, while a newer bypass route winds along the side of a mountain on the south side of town and carries the mainline US 52 designation.

Signage on eastbound WV 83 at the intersection of WV 80 at Bradshaw. These signs are old, yellowed and faded.

Approaching the intersection of WV 80 and WV 83 on southbound WV 80 north of Bradshaw.

McDowell County marker at the Virginia state line on eastbound VA/WV 83. The sign below says "Home of the Rocket Boys." I'm told the Rocket Boys were the subject of a movie.

WV 635 marker on eastbound WV 83 at Jolo.

Newer WV 80 marker near the US 52 intersection at Iaeger.

Signage at the intersection of north WV 80 and US 52 at Iaeger.

Above, signage on north US 52 at the intersection of WV 80 at Iaeger. Below, a wide-angle shot of the signage to include the curving viaduct across the old highway, railroad tracks, and the Tug Fork of the Big Sandy River.

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