Signs and Sights from Kanawha County, W. Va.

Southern terminus of US 35 at US 60 near St. Albans.

Northern end of WV 501 at WV 622, near Tyler Heights.

Northern end of WV 601 at US 60 at South Charleston, near I-64.

I-64 signs on northbound WV 601 at the US 60 intersection, South Charleston.

Exit signage and a "tipping trucks" curve advisory on eastbound I-64, just before crossing the Kanawha River into downtown Charleston.

Electronic message board sign on the southbound West Virginia Turnpike.

Exit gore sign for Exit 79 southbound on the WV Turnpike. This is the first instance of an unusual font which can be found on many guide signs along the Turnpike between Charleston and Beckley.

Overhead signage on westbound US 60, just outside Charleston, where the route briefly joins I-64 and I-77.

Curve advisory signs on the southbound WV Turnpike.

Signage at the intersection of I-77 and I-79 north of Charleston. West Virginia signs its interstate intersections with shields, as if they were surface routes intersecting.

Speed limit sign on I-79 north of Charleston shows that West Virginia is much more progressive than most of its neighboring states when it comes to setting speed limits.

Signage on west US 60 at the approach to the new Admiral T.J. Lopez Bridge, connecting US 60 with WV 61 at Chelyan.

Sign promoting the Tamarack arts and crafts center on the WV Turnpike at Beckley. The photo is blurry, but it reads: "Great Food, Fine Crafts & Gifts, Artisans At Work, Tamarack, Exit 45, 27 Miles."

This sign on US 60 westbound points the way to a bridge crossing the Kanawha River. The bridge links US 60 near Smithers, just inside the Fayette County line, with WV 61 at Montgomery. The bridge and its approaches are actually WV 6, but that route number is not signed -- at least on the US 60 side of the river.

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