Signs and Sights from Fayette County, W. Va.

End of WV 39 and junction of US 60 on westbound WV 39/southbound WV 16 at Gauley Bridge.

Signage for Exit 60 southbound on the West Virginia Turnpike (I-64 and I-77) showing unusual fonts for the text and for the WV 612 markers in the left and right photos.

Signage for Exit 54 southbound on the WV Turnpike, again showing an unusual font and the infamous West Virginia "fractional" county route marker.

Signage for Exit 66 southbound on the WV Turnpike, again demonstrating the use of an unusual font.

Signage on County Route 15 announcing the intersection with I-64 and I-77 uses "Toll" banners.

Intersection of westbound WV 39 and WV 16 just inside the Nicholas County line, near the Clay and Kanawha county lines, just east of Gauley Bridge.

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