Signs & Sights from Mississippi County, Mo.

Above, curve warning signs on eastbound US 60/62 approaching the Mississippi River bridge, crossing into Illinois. Below, the bridge itself.

Welcome to Missouri signage on southbound I-57.

Signage on southbound I-57 at Exit 12.

Signage on northbound I-57 for Exit 12.

Signage on northbound I-57 for Exit 10.

Signage for Exit 4 on I-57.

These reassurance markers on the multiplexed section of I-57 and US 60 have no directional signage for US 60, leading one to believe that the east-west route has become a north-south highway, instead.

Signage on westbound US 60/62 and northbound MO 77 at I-57. US 60 west joins I-57 southbound; the business loop follows US 62 west.

Signage at the end of the exit ramp from northbound I-57's Exit 12, where US 60 leaves the multiplexed route with the interstate and joins US 62 and MO 77.

Eastbound US 60/62 and southbound MO 77 at Missouri supplemental routes J and JJ.

Split of east US 60/62 and south MO 77.

Destination sign on east US 60/62 shows all out-of-state destinations.

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