Virginia Road Sign Goofs

This US 352 sign should be a VA 352 sign. It's located in St. Charles, Va., just a few miles from US 421. The photo at left was taken in winter 1998; the one at right in summer 2000.

This US 270 sign should be a VA 270 sign. It's located in Russell County., Va., at St. Paul, on Alternate US 58 eastbound. The photo was taken in October 1997.
UPDATE: As of April 1999, the goof had been repaired.

This sign at Abingdon has "Business" misspelled.

This street sign in Harrisonburg should read "Liberty." (photographed June 2000)

This US 11 sign in Wytheville was erroneously placed on a 24x30 sign instead of a 24x24 sign (photographed fall 1999)

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