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Various Kentucky Photos
Spring 2009

These photos are from various locations in Kentucky, taken during several trips in the spring of 2009. Included are photos from the Louisville area, the new corridor linking Louisville to the Bluegrass Parkway, Hal Rogers Parkway, US 150 and US 127, and US 27. The 344 photos are spread out over four pages of thumbnails. Use the arrow buttons in the upper left corner of the page to navigate the thumbnail pages. To view the full-sized photos, click on one of the thumbnails on this page. You will then be presented with navigation controls to view the images on individual Web pages.

This set of Bluegrass State photos begins in Louisville. This is on southbound I-65 just south of downtown.

Heading south on KY 61, a/k/a Preston Street.

Near the massive interchange between I-264, I-65, KY 61 and the entrance to the Kentucky State Fairgrounds and airport.

A few of the interstate shields in the Louisville area have a thicker white border at the top with the word "Interstate" spread out across the top.

This used to be KY 1631.

This is Coral Ridge Road in Bullitt County, which runs into downtown Louisville. This is just north of Shepherdsville.

In downtown Shepherdsville.

KY 44 and I-65 in Shepherdsville.

This is back in downtown Louisville.

On northbound I-65 approaching Spaghetti Junction.

On the ramp from I-65 north to I-64 and I-71.

This overhead is for the westbound lanes of I-64, as seen from the ramp.

Split in the ramp from I-65 to I-71 and I-64.

Notice the old lighting brackets on these signs. Kentucky no longer uses illumination on its overheads, but several of these sets of brackets remain on I-64 in this area.

I've been asked many times why this mound was left in the middle of I-64, and the eastbound lanes were routed around it. I have no clue.

On KY 155 south. You can see that here, the Gene Snyder Freeway is signed as an east-west route but on the route itself, is signed north-south between I-64 and KY 155.

KY 3192 is the old routing of KY 155 in Spencer County.

KY 1633 is the old routing of KY 55. KY 155 used to end at old KY 55 just to the right of this intersection. When the new road was built, KY 155 was signed along with KY 55 on to Taylorsville. That is no longer the case. KY 55 north, to left, goes to Shelbyville.

KY 44 out of Taylorsville heading east is a four-lane route that skirts the north side of Taylorsville Lake.

KY 44 leaves the four-lane but KY 248 begins here and picks it up.

KY 248 continues as a four-lane.

KY 248 tapers to two lanes but is still an improved route.

This portion of KY 248 is part of the Corps-of-Engineers-relocated route from the impounding of Taylorsville Lake.

The transition from the Corps rebuild of KY 248 to the new connector route to the Bluegrass Parkway.

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